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Wheatgerm Base Carrier Oil - 50ml

Experience the benefits of Wheat Germ Base Carrier Oil 50ml. Whether you're seeking a natural skin booster or a versatile element for your essential oils collection, Wheat Germ Base Carrier Oil proves to be an excellent oil.

Originated from the fertile crescent between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, this oil is a natural antioxidant overflowing with Vitamin E. Its rejuvenating properties can enhance skin vitality and can serve as a natural preservative for a variety of massage oils and blends.

  • Wheat Germ Base Carrier Oil features a vibrant golden yellow to orange hue, and releases a robust wheat aroma. 
  • Although extremely rich in texture, Wheat Germ Base Carrier Oil shows its versatility when combined with other oils.
  • Quality stands as a paramount aspect of the oil. Each drop is carefully selected, tested for purity, and complies with rigorous quality control standards.
  • Crafted in the USA using a cold-pressed extraction method. This ensures the retention of its natural state and maximum potency.
  • With a shelf life of one year, Wheat Germ Base Carrier Oil is a long-lasting and valuable addition to any wellness routine. 

Perfect for mixing with our diverse range of aromatherapy oils, it provides an ideal base for creating your unique wellness blends. You can mix with other oils such as avocado for dry skin,  or jojoba for more combination.

More recently it is being used for hair care:

Mix 4 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil, then apply the combination from scalp to the ends of hair. Let product sit for two hours before washing away with a gentle shampoo.

Please do not use if you are gluten intolerant, or have a gluten allergy.

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