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SHIPPING £3 or 0.99p for Cards, FREE OVER £50

Tiger Eye Tree of Life Crystal Necklace

Tiger's eye is a beautiful stone that has an eye-catching optical effect when exposed to sunlight. It is often used in necklaces and has spiritual meanings associated with it, such as protection and courage. It's an ancient mineral believed to bring good luck and professional success. It is said to help people make wise decisions and access higher levels of wisdom, and some believe it can unlock hidden potential. Whether it can bring success is up to the individual to decide, but it has been revered by many cultures.

It is a great choice for anyone looking for a unique and meaningful piece of jewellery.

Wearing a piece of jewellery featuring the tree of life is a reminder to stay rooted and connected to our sense of self and the world around us, even when life is difficult. It serves as a symbol of hope and strength in difficult times.

Chain length: approx. 50 cm

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