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SHIPPING £3 or 0.99p for Cards, FREE OVER £50

Exfoliating Christmas Gift Pack Set - 5 Items

Ready wrapped Christmas gifts, we have bundled some exfoliating products together as  a convenient Christmas gift. 5 different exfoliating sponges and stones, to buff up your skin perfectly. 

Christmas exfoliating pack contents:

1x Volcanic Foot Stone - a volcanic foot stone, which is formed when lava and water mix, is a type of pumice stone. Its light-yet-abrasive properties make it useful for removing dry, dead skin. A volcanic foot stone can also soften your calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction.

1x Sisal Sponge and Scrub - A sisal sponge in the shape of a star, we love using sisal because it is gentle enough to use on our faces, but it is also tough enough to get rid of all the dirt and oil on our bodies. Made from the sisal plant native to Mexico, which is harvested and processed into a rope, then made into scrubbing pads, sisal scrub is a natural product great for circulation that leaves skin healthy and glowing softly.  If you have never tried a sisal scrub, we highly recommend it!

1 x Charcoal Konjac Sponge - This natural sponge is made of Konjac root vegetable fibres and has a soft texture. It's been used as a bath sponge for newborns in Japan for over 100 years. The Konjac Sponge is becoming popular as a facial cleansing and bath sponge all over the world because it's 100% natural, biodegradable, and handmade with Konjac fibre - an ancient Japanese beauty secret.

1x Scrub & Scrape -Our scrub and scrape brush and stone will help you to achieve radiant skin, even in the cold weather. Exfoliating is important all year round, but especially in winter when the skin is at its driest. With our brush, you can experience a clean, luxurious feeling while keeping your skin soft to the touch.

1x Natural Loofah Body Scrubs - Our Natural Loofah Body Scrubs are made with loofah and cotton. They exfoliate skin and leave it feeling luxurious and soft - all while being biodegradable and environmentally friendly, this one is flower shaped. 

What an amazing Christmas Gift, all parcelled up and ready to gift, saving you money, and time! 

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