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SHIPPING £3 or 0.99p for Cards, FREE OVER £50

500g Pure Fragrance Oil - Amber

Fragrance oils are not the cheapest - but we believe the best in terms of price to quality. They are Ideal for fragrance Raw Incense Cones. 

100% pure Fragrance Oil, all our oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subject to rigorous quality control standards. Packed to order & batch coded and labelled to show a best before date.

Each Fragrance Oils comes packed in an aluminium bottle with a secure lid. 

Amber Fragrance evolving as the hours pass and bringing out different notes as the days changes. Its burst of greenery is like the energy of the morning, sliding into rich spice as the day continues. Then notes of warm, earthy wood bring a more subdued, reflective tone to the fragrance as day becomes evening.

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