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SHIPPING £3 or 0.99p for Cards, FREE OVER £50

Jade Beaded Mala Necklace - 108 Beads- Jade

Jade beaded Mala necklace is a rosary containing 108 beads. It is used for counting repetitions while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or name/s of a particular deity, a practice known in Sanskrit as Japa. The 108 beads represent the Universal truths and our connection to the infinite. The circular shape of the mala is a reminder that life is a never-ending cycle, and that everything is connected.

The Mala can be a beautiful and personal accessory to meditate or relax, or a treasured piece to keep on your altar or meditation space.

Please note: Bead size and length can vary due to the nature of the gemstone. The size of the beads is approximately 0.6 cm to 0.8 cm and the length is approximately 60 cm to 80 cm.

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